2020 NFL Draft

by Prineet Parhar ’23

The NFL Draft, the league’s most common source of player recruitment, is just the beginning of yet another exciting season. It is an annually anticipated event for Americans across the nation who are desperate to hear about the future of their favorite teams. Here, I’ll be ranking the three teams that had the best off-season, determined by both the draft and the signings that occurred.

The Cleveland Browns: The Browns fixed almost every issue they had during last season. They got rid of their head coach, Freddy Kitchens, they added another receiving threat in Austin Hooper, and they revamped their offensive line. They addressed their issue at safety by selecting Grant Deplis, and they’re in the running for star edge-threat Jadeveon Clowney. They’re also getting Myles Garrett back. The upcoming season may be the Browns’ year to shine.

The Miami Dolphins:The Dolphins signed their star quarterback for the future. Tua Tagovailoa is a deal-breaker. The real wonder, though, starts and ends with their new defensive lineup. The additions of cornerback Byron Scott and linebacker Kyle Van Noy speaks volumes about the new focus of Miami on defense, with head coach Brian Flores in the center of it all. They also drafted cornerback Noah Igbinoghene, who will help with that secondary. The Dolphins may have a shot at the wild-card spot this season, especially with the weakened Patriots.

The Arizona Cardinals:The Cardinals have pulled an ace up their sleeve. They stole DeAndre Hopkins, one of the best wide receivers out there, for a washed-up running-back and some other picks, none of which were first-rounders. They addressed their left tackle issue by drafting Josh Jones, the player with the best stats out of any other lineman. They got the best linebacker, safety, and second-best edge threat in the draft with Isaiah Simmons. It seems that they will be making some noise in the upcoming season.

With the conclusion of this year’s draft, fans are excited for the upcoming 2020 NFL season, which is scheduled to begin on September 10, 2020 with the NFL Kickoff Game.

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