2021 NFL Free Agency Season

by Mandi Shovlin ’21

Source: Pro Football Focus

Published Mar. 22nd, 2021

The 2021 NFL off season is now upon us as Superbowl LV is in the books. Along with the off season comes free agency, a time for players to take control of their careers and future endeavors. 

Free agency, for those who may not know, is when seasoned NFL players who have expired contracts are free to sign with any franchise. Although these players get the luxury of being able to become a free agent, it does bring its fair share of baggage: drama and sensational headlines. 

The most notable free agency news thus far has been the signing of NFL vertan, JJ Watt, to the Arizona Cardinals.  After much speculation and theories on where Watt might be headed to, sources confirmed he is on his way to Arizona for two years with a deal that is worth $31 million and includes $23 million guaranteed.

Watt’s deal set off a fair amount of snowballing speculations. With Watt now in Arizona, free agent and former Cardinal Haason Reddick has not been tagged by the franchise to return. If Reddick were to return, two things are certain: he would receive a multi-million dollar deal and would return to his position as one of the top linebackers in the NFL .

In a similar situation, Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott also became a free agent after the 2020 season ended. However, this was only a brief period – on March 8th, Prescott resigned with Dallas for four years at $160 million. 

Although the free agency season just kicked off, there are many stories to be on the lookout for as more and more rumors spread throughout the off season. 

One to look out for is the possibility of Aaron Jones becoming a free agent as the Green Bay Packers have not franchised him yet, despite their efforts to re-sign.

The Seattle Seahawks have also been a point of interest in this free agency season. The Seahawks have been rumored to have an unhappy quarterback, Russell Wilson, making some hypothesize a trade or free agency from Wilson. Although unlikely, if Haason Reddick is not re-signed by the Cardinals, there is a possibility of him joining the team in Seattle. 

As speculations unravel, multi-million dollar deals are negotiated, and players take control of their fate in the league, free agency will continue to be one of the most crucial times in determining a franchise’s fate for the upcoming season and their legacies as a whole.

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