A Track-By-Track Review of Madison Beer’s Debut Album, Life Support

by Naina Biswas ’23

Source: Us Magazine

Published Mar. 25th, 2021

February 26th, 2021 marked the release of 22-year-old singer Madison Beer’s debut album, Life Support. Beer was discovered by pop star Justin Bieber in 2012 through her YouTube covers. Since then, the singer has come out with a few songs and even independently released an EP in 2018 titled As She Pleases, which features Home With You and Dead.

Life Support, as the name suggests, covers emotional themes including mental health and heartbreak. This is a personal topic for Beer: in August of 2020, Madison announced that she had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental disorder characterized by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. She has also openly discussed her struggles with anxiety and depression.

Beer’s struggles with her mental health are shown in the track Default. With lyrics like, “Breathing gets so hard for me now / We’re speedin’ up and slowin’ back down,” and “I swear, I swear, I will be the end of me, the еnd of me / I fear this will be the death of me, the death of me,” Madison portrays a more vulnerable side of herself.

Her struggles with mental health are also prevalent in Effortlessly and Stay Numb and Carry On. In Effortlessly, Beer sings about how she is no longer able to feel as effortlessly as she used to, whereas in Stay Numb and Carry On, she covers emotionless feelings and panic attacks. 

Madison continues to maintain a melancholy tone in her other songs in the album, which cover heartbreak. In Beer’s chart topping song Selfish, she sings about how despite the trials of her relationship, she can’t help but still love her partner. This is also mirrored in the song Everything Happens for a Reason.

In Stained Glass and Emotional Bruises, Beer sings about how someone is unable to see her pain, therefore leaving her emotionally bruised. Lastly, the track Blue, which seems to draw heavy influences from Lana Del Rey, contains a large amount of word play to display a seemingly negative past relationship in her life. 

The singer also exhibits a different take on heartbreak in songs like Sour Times and Good in Goodbye. In the former of the two tracks, Beer makes it clear that she will no longer be surrounded by someone who she’s only had bad times with. In the latter of the songs, Beer sings about how she’s relieved to get rid of someone who she found to be toxic.

Since her entry into the music industry nine years ago, fans have been waiting for Madison Beer to drop an album. With expectations running high due to the extended anticipation, it is safe to say that the singer has lived up to and exceeded fans’ hopes. There is not one weak song in her album, and it has left much of the audience excited for her future projects. 

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