Bringing the World Together

by Amanda Lu ’22

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impacting the entire world, it can be easy to get stuck on how easily and suddenly the world can be brought down to its knees. The coronavirus has affected every aspect of our lives, and adjusting to this unfamiliar lifestyle can be difficult.

However, despite the uncertainty and chaos of the pandemic, many people across the globe are uniting online as a way to increase morale and spread positivity. Countless public figures and companies have used their social media platforms to encourage citizens to stay home and practice social distancing, in order to prevent further repercussions. Various trends have circulated online, one of them being the One World: Together at Home campaign presented by Global Citizen.

Organized by Lady Gaga, the event was created to contribute to the global pandemic effort and support front-line healthcare workers and the World Health Organization.

Beginning at 2 p.m. ET on April 18, 2020, the live stream launched on various social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon Prime Video, TIDAL, Yahoo, Apple Platforms, Twitch, and Facebook. The program lineup included influential entertainers from all decades, such as Céline Dion, the Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and many more. The celebrities uplifted the world by giving a digital performance of their songs for free.

As conflicts and trouble continue, it is important for individuals, regardless of region or background, to unite together to overcome a problem that is impacting our society as a whole. One World: Together at Home raised over $127 million for coronavirus relief efforts. If the collective efforts carry on, the world might see a more positive future sooner rather than later.

From raising awareness for medical professionals worldwide to providing a joyful musical performance for millions, One World: Together at Home symbolized and continues to be an example of the efforts of thousands of global citizens, ultimately united in one world.

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