Comic Tutorial: Nose and Lips

by Joyce Wang ’22

Welcome back! Last time we finished constructing the face shape of your new character, and today we’ll be moving on to the nose and lips! After this, we’ll move into the fun stuff. I promise.

First, we’ll start with the nose, which I believe might be the hardest part of the face to get right. Like any other part of a proportionate face, we need to establish boundaries and a simple shape to follow. I cannot emphasize how much these little shapes matter! An upside-down triangle is a foolproof way to start your drawing, and you can make your triangle as narrow or wide as you want!

Next, use the edges of the triangle to gauge where the edges and the middle flesh of the nose are.

Finally, for the bridge of the nose, you can add two very thin lines within the sides of the nose, reaching up to where the eyebrows will be drawn. The bridge is mostly defined by shading (darker at sides, light in the middle).

For the lips, start with the two ends of the mouth, showing you how long or short the length of the mouth is.

Next, draw a line between these two dashes and add a little u-shaped dent in the middle, helping with symmetry and anatomic accuracy. For the bottom and top lips, make sure you prioritize smooth lines! Avoid sharp lines for the lips! Smiles and frowns have different rules, but the basics still apply.

Now that your character has two more features, you have more to customize! Have fun and feel free to make your own rules!

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