Fem N STEM: Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM

by Gloria Yao ’24

Source: Feminism in India

Published May 23rd, 2021

In many ways, the potential and talent of girls in STEM have often been ignored and unrecognized both culturally and politically. This presents a big issue and challenge in allowing girls to pursue certain STEM careers and to develop opportunities in science and technology pathways. 

To address this issue and help bridge the gender gap, my classmates and I created Fem N STEM, a youth organization that offers girls the opportunity to explore the many different STEM fields. “I was very excited to empower young women to pursue their STEM dreams,” said Alyssa Xu ‘24, the executive content team captain. “I wanted to help encourage girls to learn more about science and math.” 

As a team, we want to teach girls that they are fully supported to pursue their STEM dreams and to bring attention to the gender biases and stereotypes prevalent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We hope to create a passionate community focused on helping girls to pursue STEM, and a place where students can talk about their personal experiences and ideas. 

Our team gives girls the opportunity to learn by creating certain projects. Fem N STEM is currently creating our computer science magazine that helps illustrate incredible women in coding and provide more insight on the different computer science career paths. Our art and content team writes articles and puts them together in a magazine to share to girls who are struggling to find their voice in STEM. 

Additionally, we also host guest speaking events. We invite women who have succeeded in STEM to give our club members motivation and inspiration. From these events, girls are able to learn about the pathway to pursuing their STEM dreams and the importance of pushing through to the end. 

Fem N STEM also offers free tutoring sessions for girls who want extra help with homework or science career paths. By creating fun videos for girls to watch and also offering them a relaxing environment to learn, we hope to help bridge the gender gap in STEM fields.

How YOU Can Participate: You can help support our goal by signing up to be a staff member here or by sending us an email @femnstemorg@gmail.com for possible guest speakers! You can also send our organization to people who will be interested in our goals, and follow us on Instagram here.

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