How National and Local Football Teams are Dealing with COVID-19

by Max Osias ’24


Published Nov. 11th, 2020

The NFL and the MHS football teams have both had to adapt to COVID-19, although one has been hit harder than the other.

At the beginning of the season, the NFL seemed like it was flawlessly handling the difficulties of navigating quarantine restrictions. These initial results were a great success for league officials, as it disproved the idea that an NBA-like bubble was necessary for the smooth completion of the season.

However, after the Tennessee Titans’ win over the Minnesota Vikings, several of the Titans players and staff received positive COVID results, forcing them to quarantine. The Vikings panicked and reacted by closing down their facilities, although later tests confirmed that the team was not infected with the virus. On the other hand, the Titans-Pittsburgh Steelers game had to be postponed to Week 7 in order for the NFL to ensure that there were no positive cases.

While the Titans fiasco was eventually resolved, the incident opened the eyes of the public to the challenges of trying to orchestrate an NFL season in the midst of a pandemic. 

Meanwhile, the Montgomery football team has been working relentlessly to deal with the dangers of COVID. Kevin Thomas, one of the starting offensive linemen and captains of the Montgomery Varsity Football team, said that before and after games, “We always stay socially distanced whenever possible… we always have our masks on no matter what. When we take off our helmets, we have our masks on… we always wash every single pad before we put it away.”

Thomas also said that the team tries “to stay quarantined as much as possible.” He reiterated the importance that the team places on wearing masks religiously in order to ensure that they can play in upcoming games. 

Thomas noted that despite the fact that some of this year’s games were cancelled, the team is thriving during these hard times. MHS has a record of 2-2 and 1-0 in their division, mostly without JJ Malek, their starting quarterback who was sidelined due to injury. This forced Alex Benitez, their starting running back and kicker, to play QB.

Unfortunately, while the continuation of COVID-19 is beyond our control, our beloved sports teams will continue to persevere in a safe manner, as long as there are opponents to play.

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