Introducing Mr. Centeno: Our New Spanish Teacher 

by Margaret Wang ’25

Source: Roberto Centeno

Published Oct. 7th, 2022

After arriving in Montgomery in March of 2022, Mr. Centeno was ready to begin teaching his soon-to-be students in a new, refreshing environment. Knowing that Montgomery High School was one of the most prestigious institutions in New Jersey, Centeno moved here aware of the challenges ahead of him, but more importantly, the benefits that came with them.

Given the diversity that our schools have, it’s easy to feel welcomed regardless of one’s unique background. As Centeno puts it, “All the staff, custodians and administrators make this high school feel like a big family. I always get greeted with a smile.”

Despite these positives to our school, there are still some inevitable struggles that he has to overcome, the most prominent one being the jarring transition from instructing middle schoolers for nine years, to high schoolers. These two student bodies are drastically different, and though it is, in a way, frightening to be injected into such a foreign place, MHS always finds a way to make it an “easy transition” for those who need it.

Centeno is incredibly excited to form supportive relationships with his classes and is looking forward to all of the new events and activities that our school offers, with all to the credit to our diligent and motivated staff. Ultimately, his primary goal is to fully immerse himself in Montgomery’s rich culture, while simultaneously guiding new generations down a path bursting with valuable education. 

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