Introducing Our New Special Ed Teachers: Alyssa Massahos and Alison Karp

by Sarah Li ’25

Published Oct. 10th, 2022

Montgomery’s large student body has always been a site of extraordinary diversity, encompassing a wide range of students from all different backgrounds, races, religions, and experiences. Within this vast community exists a special group of students who, while facing a unique set of challenges, also holds equally unique talents and personalities. Through Montgomery’s dedicated Special Education staff, these students are given the opportunity to grow and succeed. 

This year, Montgomery’s Special Ed Department is excited to welcome two new members: Alyssa Massahos and Alison Karp. 

For the past ten years, Mrs. Massahos has been teaching at the nearby Rock Brook School, a private, non-profit school specialized for children with disabilities. Coming to Montgomery, Mrs. Massahos looks forward to working in a public school, an experience that is sure to have its distinct characteristics. For Mrs. Massahos, observing what she calls the “little victories” –small moments of understanding and progress–  is the most rewarding aspect about teaching. “An outsider,” she explains, “might see these as no big deal, but each time a student generalizes a skill, makes a connection, or tries something new in any class, it is an awesome experience.”

Ms. Karp is returning to Montgomery after several years filled with detours. Having previously been employed in Montgomery to fill in for two teachers on replacement leave, she is now coming back to fill a permanent teaching position which she has described to be an experience “nothing short of wonderful.” Ms. Karp particularly loves the exceptional students, amazing staff, and above all else, Montgomery High School’s growing diversity and inclusivity. “It’s unique, special, and worth celebrating,” she says. 

We are so thrilled that both the wonderful Ms. Massahos and Ms. Karp are joining us at MHS this year; they are sure to be great additions to the staff!

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