Kyle Sharma: Leader, Mentor, and Friend to All

by Melanie Zhang ’22

Source: Kyle Sharma

Published Apr. 5th, 2021

Leaving a mark isn’t always just about achievements and accolades. For MHS junior Kyle Sharma, the greatest legacy is one of kindness, connection, and making the world a better place for everyone, one person at a time. 

Growing up as a Boy Scout meant that from an early age, Kyle was to always do the right thing, even if it wasn’t the easiest option. “I think [that’s what] defines me as a person,” he says. Beyond the fire-building and tent-pitching skills commonly associated with Boy Scouts, Kyle also learned how to empathize with others and how to be a leader. 

Kyle served a multitude of leadership roles within the Boy Scouts. He was a Patrol Leader and a Senior Patrol Leader, positions in which he led his fellow troop-mates through their various endeavors. As a troop guide, he was also in charge of a group of new Boy Scouts at a summer camp in Rhode Island, an experience that proved to be both incredibly stressful and incredibly rewarding.

After the camp ended, he recalled how “one of the new scouts who I was helping… came up to me and his mom just said… ‘thank you,’ [and that] stuck with me [because] I made a difference to this kid, [enough] to make [his mom] want to [thank] me,” he says. “It was honestly beautiful… that [kid] became a troop guide eventually [and] seeing that… the stuff I do can really help people [was just] awesome.”

For his Eagle Scout project, Kyle turned towards another one of his passions: theatre. After years of involvement in productions since fifth grade, he decided to help out Mr. Accardi with the UMS theatre program. Despite having little experience, Kyle led a team of friends and fellow scouts to build sandwich boards advertising for the musicals, clean out the sound booth, organize microphones, and construct a table to make running sound during shows easier. 

Kyle’s involvement in the MTSD performing arts programs extends beyond just his participation in musicals, as he is in both the MHS band and the marching band, serving officially as an officer and unofficially as the provider of pretzels.

Other than music, he intends to continue leading in Boy Scouts and marching band, and possibly go into education in the future. However, no matter what he does, Kyle will continue to be seen as a person defined by the positive impact he has on others. Friends say that he readily reaches out to new faces, treats those around him with nothing but kindness, and is someone that others strive to emulate. This is an identity that Kyle doesn’t seem opposed to: “If all I’m known for is the guy who was nice and held the door a couple of times, then that’s not too bad of a legacy to have.” 

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