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Extracurricular List at MHS

New Beginnings and Making Room for Change

Source: Victoria Formica ’26

by Victoria Formica ’26

MHS and its new girls soccer team!

Published 10 Nov. 2022

MHS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

by Angelina Busch ’26

An interview with Mr. Robert Centeno reveals how MHS has appreciated  Hispanic Heritage this month.

Published 10 Nov. 11

Spotlight on the MHS Marching Band

by Emily Lu ’25

The Montgomery High School marching band is a place for community, hard work, performance, and friendships to last a lifetime. 

Published 10 Nov. 2022

MHS Rings in the New School Year With Maschio’s

Source: Tyler Basak ’26

by Tyler Basak ’26

MHS welcomes its new food service!

Published 10 Nov. 2022

MHS SENSASIAN: A Homage to South Asian Culture

Source: Riya Vishnuvajhala ‘24

by Maria James ’24

For the first time in the high school’s history, MHS welcomes a new indo-western dance and theater club, SENSASIAN, which aims to highlight and strengthen South Asian culture and beauty.

Published 10 Nov. 2022

Welcome to MHS Ms. Murphy!

by Chloe Sun ’24

Amongst the many new staff members we welcome onto the MHS campus this fall, one energetic math teacher is ready and determined to make her students’ school year memorable. Let’s welcome…Ms. Murphy!

Welcome to MHS Mr. Chesbro!

Source: Robert Chesbro

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

A fan favorite, Mr. Chesbro is moving up from Montgomery Upper Middle School to join our science department.

8 Oct. 2022

Introducing Our New Special Ed Teachers: Alyssa Massahos and Alison Karp

Source: Sarah Li

by Sarah Li ’25

MHS welcomes two new Special Ed Teachers this school year!

10 Oct. 2022

Journalism: A Fossil or a Phoenix?

Source: Be Connected

by Mia Shou ’23

Despite the resurgence of media journalism, its traditional formatting has diminished greatly, leading us to ponder this field’s societal lifespan.

10 Oct. 2022

MHS Welcomes Maschio’s Food Service to the Cougar Family!

Source: Aimee Lee

by Aimee Lee ’24

As the new school year begins, MHS welcomes our new food service: Maschio’s!

10 Oct. 2022

Welcoming Our New Phys-Ed Teacher: Ms. Rana

Source: Sejal Rana

by Margaret Wang ’25

MHS welcomes our inspirational new physical education instructor: Ms. Rana.

7 Oct. 2022

Introducing Mr. Centeno: Our New Spanish Teacher

Source: Roberto Centeno

by Margaret Wang ’25

Arriving in March of 2022, Mr. Centeno looks forward to working with his students and engaging in all the fun events MHS has to offer.

7 Oct. 2022

Senior Trip to Disney!

Source: Annabelle Wang ’22

The senior class of 2022 recently enjoyed a trip to Disney World in Florida, and students reflect on this trip’s value, what has changed due to the pandemic, and if it has lived up to their expectations. 

18 Apr. 2022

Building a Boat on the Water: The Mask Mandate and Return to Pre-COVID Normalcy

Source: iStock

by Mia Shou ’23

On March 7th, 2022, the lifting of the mask mandate finally presented a chance to return to pre-COVID normalcy amidst a unique mix of hesitancy and optimism within the staff and student bodies

17 Apr. 2022

And All That Jazz: The Students Behind Chicago

Source: Jocelyn Pena

by Lanie Hymowitz ’22

The MHS Players return to the stage after the uncertainty of last year, but their love for performing and each other has only strengthened. MHS Players return to the stage after the uncertainty of last year, but their love for performing and each other has only strengthened. 

17 Apr. 2022

Bleeding Green & Gold: Mr. Popadiuk’s Legacy at MHS

by Hedy Yang ’22

“Montgomery is a very, very special place. I bled green and gold for over 25 years… I will always cherish it.

10 Mar. 2022

Looking Towards the Future: Mrs. Pino-Beattie

by Annabelle Wang ’22

As the new principal of MHS, Mrs. Pino has much to share about the development of her career and passion in education, as well as her plans for the future. 

10 Mar. 2022

Student in the Spotlight: Bobby Marie Battle

by Ashira Kolupoti ‘24

MHS Senior Bobby Marie Battle is driven to make change in her community from her own personal experiences. 

10 Mar. 2022

Record-breaking Number of Distinctions for the Montgomery Delegation

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

The Montgomery Model United Nations Delegation earned a record-breaking number of distinctions at the northeastern United Nations conference.

10 Mar. 2022

Learning to Move On From 2021

by Mia Shou ’23

The transition from a year and a half of virtual schooling into a sense of normalcy has in no way been easy, nor will it ever be.

10 Mar. 2022

The UMS Musical: Breaking Through and Cutting Footloose

Source: Catherine Gonzalez

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

After nearly two years in the absence of live theater, Montgomery’s Upper Middle School is putting on the production Footloose on February 25th and two additional shows on February 26th.

20 Feb. 2022

Monty Girls XC at Meet of Champs

Source: NJ Advance Media

by Emily Lu ’25 and Yefan Jia ’25

For the first time ever, Montgomery’s Varsity Girls XC team made it to the Meet of Champs after a tough, rewarding, and historic season.

22 Dec. 2021

Student in the Spotlight: Denia Smith

Source: Denia Smith ’22

by Melanie Zhang ’22

Although still a senior in high school, Denia Smith is a dedicated and vocal advocate for equity and change in communities in and outside of MHS. 

22 Dec. 2021

It’s the Holiday Season: How MHS Students Celebrate Winter Holidays

Source: Ishani Ghosh ’23

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

Whether it be lighting diyas, hosting a Christmas party, or indulging in Hanukkah gelt, the holidays for all MHS students is about spending time with family and friends.

2 Dec. 2021

A Big Step for Montgomery High School Senior Athletes

Source: Molly Shore ’22
Source: Caroline Mehlhorn ’22

by Ayushi Jani ’25

MHS senior athletes officially committed to play their sport in college on Signing Day. These athletes discussed who influenced them so far and the most exciting parts of this experience.

2 Dec. 2021

Monty Theater After a Two-Year Hiatus

Source: Annabelle Wang ’22

by Vrittee Sobti ‘25 and Giselle Vengad ‘25

Almost, Maine was MHS’s performing arts debut post-quarantine. The cast, crew, and AV club’s experiences and effort created a magical, unforgettable experience.

2 Dec. 2021

Montgomery HOSA Club Holds Fundraisers

by Melanie Zhang ’22

The Montgomery HOSA – Future Health Professionals club recently held multiple fundraisers, both for the group and for the greater community. Fundraisers have been a major part of HOSA since its first year. Last year, the club fundraised around $200 for the Hugs for Brady Foundation to help kids battling cancer. 

31 Oct. 2021

Montgomery Senior Raises the Dead

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed-9.jpg

by Joyce Wang ’22

For many months during 2021, Dugan journeyed across Montgomery Township capturing forgotten graveyards and bringing them back into our living minds. She breathes an alluring sheen into stones and engravings that have long sunk out of plain view.

20 Oct. 2021

COVID-19: A Tear in the Writer’s Page

Source: Entrepeneur

by Mia Shou ’23

While the emergence of COVID-19 indeed had profound impacts on literary artists everywhere, it ultimately revealed their unwavering commitment to the pursuit of their art.

20 Oct. 2021

Debunking the Process of Becoming a National Merit Scholar

Source: Frisco ISD

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

An automatic impression of prestige is associated with the sound of “National Merit,” but the process itself can be somewhat amorphous to those who haven’t really looked into it.

20 Oct. 2021

Welcome Back Cougars! A Look at Monty’s First Month Back at School

Source: Ishani Ghosh ’23

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

On September 10th, 2021, the students of Montgomery Township came streaming through the doors of MHS, returning after 16 grueling months of hybrid learning.

16 Oct. 2021

Standardized Test Scores

Source: The New York Times

by Emily Lu ’25 and Emma Jia ’25

The testing season for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and PSAT has started, impacting students’ lives in many ways, from the mental aspect to the physical toll.

16 Oct. 2021

Student in the Spotlight: Amy Mao, Fencing and Flourishing

Source: Amy Mao ’23

by Sarah Li ’25 and Julia James ’25

As a dedicated member of the fencing team, MHS junior Amy Mao knows all the ins and outs of hard work and determination.

16 Oct. 2021

Free Food, Hungry Students – What’s Wrong With the Free Lunch and Breakfast at MHS Schools?

Source: Jacqueline Lu ’25

by Jacqueline Lu ’25

This year, a government-sponsored Seamless Summer Option (SSO) is providing free breakfasts and lunches to all MTSD students. But while it sounds like an agreeable and convenient option, students and their parents have actually not enjoyed the change. 

16 Oct. 2021

A Year in Quarantine

Source: Giulia Martinelli

by Sahithi Devineni ’22

Many students were faced with an unexpected year filled with sad news and tragic events. However, there were still some silver linings: many MHS students were able to overcome these obstacles and ultimately learn more about themselves and how they individually grapple with turmoil.

1 Jun. 2021

Fem N STEM: Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM

Source: Feminism in India

by Gloria Yao ’24

Throughout history, the faces of STEM have been overwhelmingly male. That’s why my classmates and I created Fem n STEM: we hope to empower other girls, bring motivating speakers to the student body, and offer opportunities for girls to explore the many fields of STEM.

24 May 2021

Catherine Gonzalez: Can’t Stop the Reeling

Source: Catherine Gonzalez ’22

by Melanie Zhang ’22

Through her positivity, hard work, and dedication, MHS junior Catherine Gonzalez is both a delight and a force to be reckoned with. She is excited to continue working hard at Mock Trial, Irish dance, and whatever else that comes her way.

10 May 2021

Did Anything Good Come Out of the Year of the Pandemic?

Source: Bloomberg Philanthropies

by Shreya Birudavolu ’24

The pandemic was full of many ups and downs, but our response to these various challenges is a testament to our resilience and ability to find light in the darkness.  

10 May 2021

NAET — Miracle or Fraud?

Source: Allergy & ENT Associates

by Alissa Wu ’23

Allergy sufferers now have another option to turn to when symptoms hit: a new treatment, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET), has been growing in popularity in recent years.

10 May 2021

Kyle Sharma: Leader, Mentor, and Friend to All

Source: Kyle Sharma ’22

by Melanie Zhang ’22

Montgomery High School Junior Kyle Sharma is known as a good friend, a compassionate person, and an inspiring leader. Whether he’s building sandwich boards to help out a teacher or simply being a friendly face in the crowd, Kyle’s legacy is one of kindness and changing the word for the better. 

5 Apr. 2021

GSA: Building a Safe Community, In School and Beyond

Source: ACLU

by Melanie Zhang ’22

MHS’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) hopes to change this by providing a place where these students can be themselves while also working towards change in both local and broader communities. 

10 May 2021

Docents: Live His(tour)ians

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is candlelight-2019.jpg
Source: Catherine Gonzalez ’22 and Melanie Zhang ’22

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22 and Melanie Zhang ’22

The MHS Docents club brings New Jersey’s over two-hundred year old history to life, transforming it from a textbook chapter into something relevant for members and strangers alike. 

10 May 2021

Anti-Asian Violence and MHS Student Thoughts

Source: The Mercury News

by Madhumita Kannan ‘22

This article provides background information on the anti-Asian violence that is currently occurring in the nation and explores MHS students’ opinions on this current issue.

5 Apr. 2021

Jumpstart Puts on a Dazzling Virtual Show

Source: Alissa Wu ’23

by Alissa Wu ’23

 In February, Jumpstart Expo ran its 7th Jumpstart Expo showcasing many talented dancers. Despite the virtual format of the event as a result of pandemic, it was able to maintain its energetic vibrance.

5 Apr. 2021

Reya Karthik: Externalizing and Internalizing the World Around Her

Source: Collage from Catherine Gonzalez ’22, photos from Reya Karthik ’21

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

Photography is not only an art form for Reya Karthik, but an outlet that helps her understand the world. Her persistence and can-do attitude lead her to create great things, even when she’s not sure how they’ll turn out.

5 Apr. 2021

Student Thoughts: Has MHS Been Successful in Addressing Inclusion?

Source: MTSD DEI

by Sahithi Devineni ’22

Montgomery High School launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website, but students think there is still room for improvement.

7 Mar. 2021

Helping the Environment During a Pandemic

Source: Joyce Wang ’22

by Shreya Birudavolu ’24

The pandemic has affected many areas of life, especially the environment and how we can help as individuals. Although we may not be able to do everything we used to, there are still some simple and easy ways to make a difference from our own homes.

24 Feb. 2021

Montgomery’s Black Student Union and their Fight against Racism

Source: Getty Images

by Zeb Jerdonek’ 24

The Black Student Union, an organization working to educate the public on Black American culture, used activities and educational posts to highlight the achievements of Black Americans for Black History Month.

24 Feb. 2021

MHS’s School Leadership Team (SLT)

Source: Schoology

by Meghana Paturu ‘22

Since its formation in 2017, the School Leadership Team (SLT) has brought together administrators, teachers, and union leaders to work together to improve Montgomery’s school community. Through emphasizing the idea of community, SLT builds a culture of “we” that engages all members in learning together and conducting reflective work at MHS.

24 Feb. 2021

A Look into MHS’s Trauma Informed Committee

Source: Hewlett Foundation

by Elizabeth Yang ’22

Under MHS’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program, the Trauma Informed Team aims to strengthen relationships between students and teachers to create a supportive and compassionate learning environment.

24 Feb. 2021

MHS’s Empathy, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Source: Partners in Leadership

by Ashka Jani ’22

MHS’s EEIC works to address racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and other social issues that staff and students face. Through a variety of educational methods, the EEIC hopes to change the culture of MHS for the better.

24 Feb. 2021

The Show Must Go On: She Kills Monsters

Source: Joyce Wang ’22

by Joyce Wang ’22

Virtual school presented a new challenge for the MHS Drama Department: how could they present their fall play if no audience members could attend… and no thespians could be on stage together?

Despite this novel hurdle, MHS theatre students prevailed with their performance of Qui Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters. The app Padlet supplemented the sound of an audience’s applause, and scene backgrounds featured original artwork from students.

All told, MHS’s fall play is a trailblazer for a new direction in the theatre world.

11 Jan. 2021

Amelia Cunningham: Growing and Giving Back

Source: Amelia Cunningham ’22

by Melanie Zhang ’22

For Amelia Cunningham, what began with violin lessons at nine has become a lifelong passion. This winter, Cunningham spreads holiday cheer despite the pandemic, now through a digital platform.

23 Dec. 2020

Local Workers in the Dark

Source: CafeMerica

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

Small local businesses like CafeMerica and Leticia’s Cleaning took a serious hit during the pandemic.

23 Dec. 2020

Major or Minor? The Issues with Virtual Music Lessons

Source: Ballantyne School of Music

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

Learning music is hard. Now add Internet issues, screen lags, and noisy backgrounds to the mix.

23 Dec. 2020

Mental Health in a COVID-19 Era

Source: Learning LiftOff

by Melanie Zhang ’22

Teens’ mental health has been seriously impacted by COVID-19. While there are no easy solutions, there can still be light in an otherwise dismal time.

23 Dec. 2020

Hybrid During a Pandemic— Bad Idea or Not So Much?


by Aleen Xue ’21

This fall, a group of colleges in America opted for a hybrid schooling model. For hybrid students, this decision came with serious pros and cons.

23 Dec. 2020

TASK Pushes Through Troubling Times

by Uma Patel ’22

The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen has faced numerous challenges this year as they try to provide food and support to their patrons. This challenge extends to Teens4TASK.

23 Dec. 2020

Holiday Season Consumerism in a Pandemic

Source: CNBC

by Audrey Chang ’23

American retail and consumer habits have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic as we move into a holiday season in quarantine.

23 Dec. 2020

Meet MHS’s 2020 Class Officers!

Meet Your 2020-2021 Senior Class Officers!

Source: MHS Class of 2021
by Kiran Subramanian ’21

On October 21st, the class of 2021 learned of who their officers were for their final year in high school. All of these individuals have proven themselves to be diligent and hardworking students dedicated to ensuring that the seniors will have an enjoyable and memorable final school year.

27 Nov. 2020

Meet Your 2020-2021 Sophomore Class Officers!

Source: MHS Class of 2023
by Flora Xia ’23

Despite the obstacles of a virtual year, uniting the class seems to be the primary goal, with an emphasis on team-building to ensure a successful next two years. “Class officer means a lot to me,” Pranav said. “Having this say over the way our class conducts itself makes me so enthusiastic. Virtual learning has pushed the officers and me to be and do better.”

24 Nov. 2020

Meet Your 2020-2021 Junior Class Officers!

Source: MHS Class of 2022
by Madhumita Kannan ’22

Since it is the last year to fundraise, president Michael Liu hopes to collect as many funds as possible by broadening “the variety of fundraising opportunities to encourage more students to participate.” In difficult times like these, third-time historian Adriana Papdakis hopes that this year’s activities can also provide a sense of “togetherness and unity.”

23 Nov. 2020

Meet Your 2020-2021 Freshman Class Officers!

Source: MHS Class of 2024
by Michelle Sun ’24

It is clear that being a class officer as a freshman is a very different experience from being a class officer as a sophomore, junior, or senior: with the benefit of more time to fundraise but the added disadvantage of inexperience in a new environment, the class officers have a lot to say about how it feels to be a freshman class leader.

23 Nov. 2020

Montgomery’s Math-Based Community

by Lauren Tortolani ’24

The Montgomery school district has a heavy focus on math, which has both negative and positive effects on MHS students.

24 Nov. 2020

Your Drugs May Have Expired, But Their Impact Hasn’t

Source: Thrive Global
by Julie Edelstein ’22

Throwing unneeded medicine in the trash seems like a practical enough solution, but many fail to understand the potential consequences of it.

4 Oct. 2020

Teacher Perspectives on Virtual and Hybrid School

Source: CNM
by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

A new perspective – MHS teachers provide their thoughts on both Virtual and Hybrid school.

24 Nov. 2020

Student in the Spotlight: Rianna Moses

Source: Rianna Moses ’21
by Annabelle Wang ’22

Insecurity beats down a lot of high schoolers. But Rianna Moses is willing to lead the fight back.

13 Oct. 2020 

How to Destress in Quarantine

by Alissa Wu ’23

These days, reducing stress is both more difficult and more important than ever. Here are some methods to keep your stress in check.

24 Nov. 2020

Virtual Learning: School During a Pandemic

Source: Stories From School AZ
by Flora Xia ’23

Despite the many perks of online school, the clear consensus of Montgomery students is the hope that classes and clubs will return to normal next year.

13 Oct. 2020

Comic Tutorial: Nose and Lips

Source: Joyce Wang ’22
by Joyce Wang ’22

Tutorial on how to draw facial features and keeping busy while in quarantine

Monty Chefs During Quarantine!

Source (top to bottom, left to right): Michelle Ji ’22, Sahana Murthy ’22, Neeharika Beru ’22
by Madhumita Kannan ’22

Quarantine, for some, has made the days feel longer, but MHS students are still finding fun ways to pass their extra time. Here are a few, delicious recipes that MHS students made in the past few weeks.

MTSD’s First Virtual Art Extravaganza!

Source: MTSD
by Ben Zhao ’22

Montgomery Township School District’s first virtual extravganza shares an beautiful gallery of student art created while in quarantine!

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