Meet Your 2020-2021 Freshman Class Officers!

by Michelle Sun ’24

Published Nov. 23rd, 2020

(Pictured above from left to right: President Fiona Kelly, Vice President Lucas Heines, Treasurer Bodie Witt, Secretary Tommy Petraine, Historian Gianna Schembari)

The class of 2024 has voted! The freshmen elected Fiona Kenny to serve as class president, Lucas Keines as vice president, Jonathan (Bodie) Witt as treasurer, Thomas (Tommy) Petraine as secretary, and Gianna Schembari as historian for the 2020-2021 school year.     

It is clear that being a class officer as a freshman is a very different experience from being a class officer as a sophomore, junior, or senior: with the benefit of more time to fundraise but the added disadvantage of inexperience in a new environment, the class officers have a lot to say about how it feels to be a freshman class leader. Lucas suggests that “as a freshman, everyone in the student body is learning” and that even in their roles as class officers, they are “always looking at new angles to go about doing things.”

One important responsibility that comes with being a class officer is how they might work to bring their class together. Bodie stresses the importance of getting to know one’s peers even with the barriers created by virtual learning: “I feel everybody needs to be comfortable with each other in person and on the screen, and it is very important we get that achieved.”

Tommy also has plans to accomplish this goal that are shaped by his experience as class president in eighth grade, stating, “The experience of being president has helped me to know what to do in certain situations, and I hope that being an officer at MHS gives me the ability to share [these] ideas.”

Though the class officers’ roles focus almost exclusively on fundraising for their class, a few of the class officers also have ideas in mind about what they would like to see change in the school environment. Gianna says that she would like to work on improving school events so that “everyone feels included and there is a better outcome at events and fundraisers.” In terms of in-school clubs, Fiona states she would like to “better intertwine the clubs to allow for diversity.”

Overall, the five officers look forward to unifying the freshman class this year. As Gianna puts it: “I am a new set of eyes with new ideas that I am ready to contribute to make this year the best it can be.”

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