Meet Your 2020-2021 Senior Class Officers!

by Kiran Subramanian ’21

Published Nov. 27th, 2020

(Pictured above from left to right: Treasurer Julia Jin, Vice President Dhruv Sanjay Patel, President Jordan Spector, Secretary Nidalia Wolfe, Historian Ashley Huang)

On October 21st, the class of 2021 learned of who their officers were for their final year in high school. All of these individuals have proven themselves to be diligent and hardworking students dedicated to ensuring that the seniors will have an enjoyable and memorable final school year.

The class president for this year is Jordan Spector, who has been elected to this role for the past three years. In an interview, Jordan explained that he ran for president because “I knew that I would be more than prepared to continue serving my class and providing them the best senior year possible.” As class president, Jordan has multiple goals in mind, such as ensuring that there is a senior trip of some sort, getting a Monty’s Got Talent show done virtually, and organizing an online gaming competition. However, Jordan emphasizes that being class president is not easy: one of the hardest parts of the job for him is the need to balance the time spent planning an event with the number of events accomplished: “Before events, I’m constantly planning activities and communicating with the other officers and our advisors. But these planning periods go unnoticed, and the outward image during these times is that nothing is getting done. At the same time, less planning in order to have more activities leads to lower quality events.” Despite the challenges of being a class officer, however, Jordan says, “if you acknowledge the work ethic and responsibility required and you still feel passionate about running, then I encourage you to have confidence in yourself and go for it!” Outside of school, Jordan also runs the Youth Leadership Council, a student advisory program that works with Mayor Jaffar to make Montgomery a better place.

The vice president for this year is Dhruv Sanjay Patel. This will be his third year in this position. Dhruv decided to run because he “wanted to be more involved in our class and help plan fundraisers and events that would become memorable high school experiences.” Dhruv’s main goals for this year would be to “ensure that we are able to enjoy our senior year through some form of prom and graduation at the end of the year, along with several events throughout the year that work within guidelines provided to us, even if that means trying new events that seniors in the past have not necessarily done.” Dhruv agrees with Jordan in that being a class officer can pose many challenges that often go unseen, explaining that “…the most difficult part about being vice president is figuring out what is feasible to do. All students in our grade have different ideas of what events we should do, and it is my job to go through them with other officers and figure out what can be realistically accomplished.” For those interested in running for class officer positions, Dhruv advises that they should be “…willing to spend a lot of time and remain dedicated because many weeks, especially closer to planned events, consist of several hours [of] planning and preparing.” Outside of school, one can find Dhruv hanging out with friends, watching Criminal Minds, and volunteering in the community. 

This year’s treasurer is Julia Jin, who has held this position since eighth grade. As treasurer, Julia’s main goal for this year is to “…plan modified events to make our senior year fun.” For those interested in running for a class officer position, Julia emphasizes the importance of being “outgoing and passionate”, something that she struggled with initially that meant she “sometimes had trouble advertising and interacting with people.” Outside of school, Julia enjoys taking care of ducks, sleeping, and playing soccer.

Nidalia Wolfe is this year’s secretary. Nidalia ran for this position because “… I wanted to do what I could to contribute to my class and have their voices heard.” To Nidalia, being a class officer means being open-minded, collaborative, and responsible: “A large part of the position is working with others and listening to peers to try to create a good experience for our class.” To those that want to run for a class officer position, Nidalia recommends the following: “Be confident in yourself and always keep an open mind. If you don’t get the position that is okay. When I first ran for the secretary position I didn’t get it and I remember feeling a little disappointed because I worked hard putting myself out there. But what I learned is that it’s okay and continue to make relationships with others and try again.” Nidalia is also the president of Doctors of Tomorrow and is active in MUN and YAG. She has also started a food instagram @theforkandcrumb where she shows some of the baked goods she has made.

Ashley Huang is the historian for the senior class. For this year, Ashley’s hope is “…that the seniors can have the typical senior events during the second half of the year.” Though Ashley enjoys being the class historian, the job is certainly not easy. Ashley states, “The added responsibility of taking pictures/videos is definitely the most difficult part. There have been some instances where I’ve wanted to just put the camera down and live in the moment instead of scurrying around trying to capture it [the moment]. When you have only ONE responsibility, it can be really frustrating when pictures come out bad (out of focus, blurry, terrible lighting). Moments are ephemeral, you only have one chance to get ‘the shot.’ There have been times when I absolutely do not want to go to an event to take pictures, but it’s always been worth it to see the glee on people’s faces when they like a picture I’ve taken.” For those interested in becoming a class officer, Ashley advises that they should care not about earning class points but about providing the best high school experience for their class: “It’s a big commitment, [and] only putting in half your effort or being half-interested or having your priorities in the wrong place will be a disservice not only to your peers, but also to yourself.” Outside of school, Ashley can be found watching Westworld and solving puzzles. 

All of these class officers have sacrificed so much to ensure that seniors will have a great year, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Good luck to our class officers!  

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