Meet Your 2020-2021 Sophomore Class Officers!

by Flora Xia ’23

Published Nov. 24th, 2020

(Pictured above from left to right: Treasurer Pranav Chaturvedi, Historian Maya Nair, Secretary Jiya Patel, Vice President Rohan Athreya, President Aryan Gurusamy)

Through a global pandemic, a constantly shifting school schedule, and a new update every week, it is safe to say the year has been anything but normal. Fortunately, through the chaos, there is one tradition MHS has not failed to uphold: the annual class election. 

Due to the virtual model, the 2023 class officer election was held through Google Forms. Sophomores elected Aryan Gurusamy to serve as class president, Rohan Athreya for vice president, Pranav Chaturvedi for treasurer, Maya Nair for historian, and Jiya Patel for secretary.

Aryan was elected historian as a freshman, but he is excited to try a new position, stating, “Last year, I learned the ins and outs of organizing and leading events. I’m excited to put my leadership skills to use!” 

As class officers, they are responsible for organizing and planning events and fundraisers. The COVID-19 pandemic has made brainstorming especially difficult, but the 2023 officers expressed optimism for the future.

Rohan said, “With just 2 to 2.5 years left to fundraise, we’re focused only on events we believe would interest our class. The T-shirt sale last year was really successful, so we’re hoping to do something similar.”  

Pranav added, “We have ideas for food, clothing, or movie night fundraisers, but we’ll try to get feedback from our classmates first.”

Their need for input represents a key aspect of being a class officer. Maya said, “To me, being class officer means representing the students that wouldn’t otherwise be heard in our school.”

Similar sentiments were shared across the board, but what really makes this group shine was each candidate’s diverse involvement in the MHS community. From Rohan participating in Model UN to Aryan running track and field to Maya enjoying photography, each officer shows their personalities in and outside the classroom.

Despite the obstacles of a virtual year, uniting the class seems to be the primary goal, with an emphasis on team-building to ensure a successful next two years. “Class officer means a lot to me,” Pranav said. “Having this say over the way our class conducts itself makes me so enthusiastic. Virtual learning has pushed the officers and me to be and do better.”

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