Montgomery’s Black Student Union and Their Fight Against Racism

by Zeb Jerdonek’ 24

Source: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Published Feb. 24th, 2021

Throughout all of Black History Month, Montgomery’s Black Student Union (BSU) has been working tirelessly to educate the MHS student body on black culture. Black History Month, which takes place in the month of February, is a time for Americans to pay tribute to the distinct and crucial role that black Americans have played in shaping the nation we live in today.

The BSU was formed to create a safe and supportive space for black students in the Montgomery community, who make up less than just 5% of the population. The core principles of education, community, and equality are what each member of the BSU stands and fights for in the Montgomery community. 

Asia Russell, a MHS junior and a co-founder of the BSU, explained that the BSU allows black students to “keep in touch with their black heritage and roots” and fosters a “safe place for all black people to… form a community”.

Grace Johnson, a senior at MHS and another co-founder of the BSU, adds that the BSU intends on “raising people’s expectations and image of black students” so they are not seen as “lesser [than]”. 

Throughout Black History Month, the BSU has been hard at work setting up activities and educational posts that uncover different aspects of black history.

On Fridays in February, the BSU hosted family movie nights that showed movies highlighting black history in America. On Thursdays, black professionals from various fields, such as law and finance, were invited to participate in the BSU-hosted Black Professionals Round Table, where participants would ask or answer questions and discuss topics of interest.

The BSU also created informational videos shared with MHS students in Social Studies and English classes, and invited students to test their knowledge with quizzes on the video content. Students who took the quiz had the added bonus of being entered into a gift card raffle. 

It is clear that the BSU is taking tangible steps to build a stronger, more inclusive community at Montgomery. Racism and other discriminatory actions have all been far too common in BSU members’ lives, but instead of allowing this to deter them, they are using them as a catalyst to bring change to Montgomery. Bobby Battle, a MHS junior and co-founder of the BSU puts it perfectly: “Black is beautiful”.

Check out the BSU’s website by clicking here.

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