Monty Theater After a Two-Year Hiatus

by Vrittee Sobti ‘25 and Giselle Vengad ‘25

Source: Annabelle Wang ’22

Published Dec. 1st, 2021

After almost two years of digital theater, Almost, Maine was MHS’s post-quarantine debut. The play features nine different vignettes, all about loss and love in a fictional town in Maine. The cast, crew, and AV club worked hard for months to create a memorable and remarkable show, and it certainly paid off. 

“It was really fun getting to put on a play for the first time in months. It was great seeing how much we could do with the boundaries of COVID,” said Olivia Barood ‘23, who played Rhonda and Deena. 

For others, it’s the friendships built over the course of the production that made for an unforgettable experience. Syona Wadhwa ’24, cast as Ginette, affirmed that acting in the play was “amazing” because “not only do you learn to be a better actor and [to] create an amazing show, [but] you make bonds that can’t be broken.” 

Of course, the cast wasn’t the only group who contributed to the magic of the show. Other individuals integral to the success of the production include members of the Stage Crew and the Audio-Visual (AV) club.

Stage Crew, as described by Gianna Schembari ‘24, “helps the actors with their set pieces and props that are needed. We build and paint all the set pieces and move them onto the stage.” Members emphasized the different perspectives that being a part of Stage Crew gave them: “We saw all the hard work that was put into building the sets and practicing the scenes over and over again,” said Leela Manners ‘25.

Stationed in the MPAC, the AV club is responsible for the play’s lighting and sounds. As AV club and lighting captain William Cheng ’22 explains, “in terms of lighting, [AV club] maintains the lights and designs cues for each scene… [and] works special effects specific for each show. In terms of sound, we maintain the microphones, help the actors use them, and adjust sound levels during the performance. If the show requires, we also run music and sound effects.” 

Watching the play in the audience, we could definitely see all the hard work paying off. Every little detail, like the aurora borealis the AV club projected onto the ceiling, the heart painting prop from Stage Crew, and the emotions from the actors, really made the play come to life.

After working so hard for the last few weeks, Grace DeJohn ’22 says “watching everything come together… make[s] it all worth it.” We certainly agree: Montgomery High School’s captivating performance of Almost,  Maine had us transported to the little not-town way up north. 

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