Movie Review: Encanto

by Yefan Jia ‘25, Emily Lu ‘25
Source: Disney

Encanto, a new animated movie released by Disney, tells the story of a magical house and follows the main character, Mirabel, through her magical family’s disputes and her issues in being the only child not being blessed with magical powers. 

The animation is the first thing that stands out. The animation, from the flow and creases in the skirts and dresses, to the colorful and bright village and house, shows not only the work of the animators on the film but also the development of technology,  opening paths for future animated films. 

Of course, the art featured in the movie isn’t the only thing impressive. The eight different songs featured in the movie were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical “Hamilton”. The album was even able to reach the top of the Billboard 200 Albums chart. The songs in the movie don’t only represent the story, but also the background of the characters by highlighting Colombian culture through songs like “Dos Orugitas”.

The culture in Encanto does not come from nowhere, with not only the music but many different aspects of the movie being influenced by the people and culture in Colombia. The gifts that the family members receive in the movie all relate to Colombian culture, through flowers, food, and much more. This aspect adds a connection to the culture shown in the movie.

Encanto overall is a great film, able to connect both Colombian culture and common family issues, social pressures, all tied together with beautiful animation. This movie is not one to pass up, and we hope you take the chance to go see it for yourself!

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