NJGPA: The New Standardized Test of 2022

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

Source: NPR

Published Apr. 8th, 2022

On September 8, 2021 the State Board of Education of New Jersey adopted graduation assessment guidelines for the classes of 2023-2025. The criteria being that students show proficiency by passing both the English and Mathematics section of the exam. At MHS, juniors took the NJGPA on March 16 and 17 from 7:45AM to 11:22AM.

Many students expressed that the test came seemingly out of nowhere. Suhani Hota ‘23 expressed that, “I would’ve liked to have been informed about this a bit earlier than just a month before the test.” MHS students were informed that they were to be tested around the beginning of February without much detail other than the fact that there would be a Math section as well as an English section.

Additionally, the exam took a total of three hours per day. Two sections for English and two sections for Math. After testing, juniors were expected to report to their daily classes for 30 minute blocks.

The three hours of testing as well as the half hour classes caused a somewhat strenuous day for some students. Sai Annem 23’ explained, “I feel like it was a draining test and we definitely should have had a greater warning of it… but overall it wasn’t a terrible experience.”

The math section specifically tested concepts from Algebra I and Geometry. Some juniors had taken these courses in their preliminary years of high school, and some even before entering high school. This forced many students to return to the basics and retest their knowledge on the topics. Annem explained, “to look at the silver lining, [the test] was a good refresher for past concepts.”

The English section on the other hand consisted of multiple passages with corresponding questions. Towards the end of the sections however, students were expected to write essays and answer a given prompt. 

The class of 2023 is also expected to take the science section of the NJSLA towards the end of April. The class of 2024 and 2025 will be taking the NJGPA in their respective junior years. As of now, however, the class of 2026 is not required to take the assessment.

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