Politics: Does It Help With Or Hurt Progress?

by Richa Chaturvedi ’21

Source: Public Domain

Published Nov. 28th, 2020

Now more than ever, politics have been on everybody’s mind, whether they enjoy it or not. Especially with more individuals having the platform of social media to voice their opinions about certain issues, there has been a huge amount of diversity amongst what people feel is the most correct for their country. 

Political Discourse has been demonstrated especially well in the United States, where there is a very distinct divide amongst citizens in the country. However, many people have abused their power by making people who have certain opinions the enemies instead of confronting the legislators making the decisions for the country. The seriousness of politics has been somewhat lessened by turning people’s opinions about certain leaders or viewpoints into conspiracy theories and myths. It has gotten so far that “[e]ven formal news and commentary often decays into flow fodder, such as when people post gut-feel responses to social media about articles they haven’t even read, based on the headline alone” (Bolter 6). 

Although discussions can be easily skewed into arguments, the overall motive has remained the same: to exist in a country where everyone feels heard and appreciated. The more discussions that the public has about these stigmatized topics, the closer we are to permanent solutions. Now, it is up to the people in office to take responsibility for the changes needed to be made. 

For example, with the unfortunate increase in the number of shootings that have taken place in the past two decades in the country, the exhaustion and plead from the people of the nation have skyrocketed. However, because there are so many factors that come into play, like the 2nd Amendment and whether people view guns as a source of violence or protection, it becomes more difficult to create settlement and ease for everyone in the country. 

However, some people believe that outdated or conservative ideals must be completely dismissed in order for our society to advance. It should be noted that “conservatives can actually be characterized by a desire for liberty. In this context, liberty can mean an emphasis on free-market economics, lower taxes and the ability to choose your means in life without being obligated to support your neighbor” (Renner 2). To say that conservative ideals should be completely eradicated would not allow for the ultimate desire of freedom to be executed. 

Every point of view can be seen from another perspective, therefore everyone must do their part to contribute to the discussion in order for any progress to be made. Just because someone has contrasting beliefs, does not give anyone the right to take away their right to express those beliefs.

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