Record-breaking Number of Distinctions for the Montgomery Delegation

by Ishani Ghosh ‘23

Source: Sophie Wang ’23

Published Mar. 10th, 2022

The Model UN conference is a yearly meeting during which every student participating acts as a delegate from a different country. The purpose of the conference is to discuss global issues whilst arguing the merit of drafted resolutions. The Model UN conference took place between January 15-17 this year and due to the pandemic was held virtually.

This year, “the Montgomery Model United Nations Delegation earned a record-breaking number of distinctions.” Mika Freitor received alternate selection to an event in North Carolina. She explained that originally, “she first joined Model UN because all my friends were trying out for it and I didn’t have anything better to do that day, but I’m really grateful for how that ended up working out.” Mika was part of the International Crime and Security committee and one of the major issues discussed this year was medical trafficking. There were also minor conversations about climate refugees and nationalist violence. 

Similarly, Joyce Wang ‘22 explained that she initially joined the club because she has always “loved debating and making speeches. I knew I had a voice and I wanted to learn how to use it. When I first saw the MUN Board, I knew I was in the presence of some of the most brilliant teens in the school. They knew how to use their voice effectively, and for good. And there’s no greater power in the world than that.” This year, Joyce has been selected to a prestigious national Conference on National Affairs.

Mika described that Model UN is, “important because it teaches people to collaborate with others, inform themselves on relevant issues, all while also being a constant agent of self-improvement.” Model UN has been running for several years at Montgomery and its popularity has only  grown since. Joyce explained that, “Model UN teaches three of the most incredible powers a human can have. The power of the spoken word, the power of the written word, and the power of teamwork. Everyone’s voice is such a potent, raw force and Model UN really forges it into something diplomatic and sophisticated.”

While Model UN is a localized version of the actual United Nations Joyce described that, “our resolutions are sometimes as detailed as real United Nations resolutions, and in a setting where every word of your world-changing resolution can be picked apart, we learn how to craft nonpartisan, revolutionary solutions to the world’s complex problems.”

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