Senior Trip to Disney!

by Emma Jia ‘25 and Emily Lu ‘25

Source: Annabelle Wang ’22

Published Apr. 8th, 2022

Every year, the senior class takes a trip to the world famous Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. As a celebration of their last year in highschool, this trip is like no other. However, due to the pandemic, changes to the trip are inevitable. Mrs. Reynolds, one of the senior advisors, shares how because of COVID, seniors weren’t able to enjoy their dinner all together, and the senior class president wasn’t able to share a final speech at the dinner. However the experience is still there, with most students still sitting together and enjoying a symbolic meal. 

Multiple students believe that this trip is extremely valuable. Abhay Benoy ‘22 says the trip was a “good way to end off senior year, relax before college, [and] connect with other students.” When asked if the trip lived up to their expectations, he replied that although wait times were long, the teachers were lenient on where you were allowed to go, and that he enjoyed that aspect.

Another senior, Ananya Chadha ‘22, agrees with this, saying how, “on the trip, the chaperones truly treat us like adults and we have a lot more freedom than I was expecting in the parks.” She also mentions that because many students are going off to faraway colleges, this was a memorable experience to spend with your classmates in their last year together. 

Despite this, some seniors weren’t able to attend the trip due to varying reasons, from cost issues to worrying about the pandemic. We can see how some of these worries have dissipated from last year, as the number of students going on this year’s Disney trip was noticeably larger than the previous year. 

In the end, this trip provides the opportunity for friends and classmates to connect before they all start a new stage in their lives and end their years at high school. These students have been going to school together for a long time and going on a trip all together is a perfect way to tie their experiences together.

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