Spotify Wrapped 2020

by Madison Li ’22

Source: Twitter

Published Dec. 27th, 2020

At the beginning of December, the popular audio streaming service Spotify dropped its annual present to its listeners: Spotify 2020 Wrapped. It’s a summary of your music listening history over the past year, packaged neatly into a story and a collection of playlists. 

The story presents an overview of your favorite artists, songs, and podcasts of 2020. The automatically curated playlists include “Your Top Songs 2020,” which contains the hundred songs you’ve listened to the most frequently, “Missed Hits,” and “On Record.”

Below your personal stats, Spotify also offers a look at the most popular media and creators globally. The main categories are tracks, artists, and groups. Viral TikTok songs top the tracks category, including “Blinding Lights,” “The Box,” and “Dance Monkey.” Familiar names sit at the peak of the artists category, specifically Bad Bunny, Drake, and J Balvin. Internationally beloved groups BTS, Maroon 5, and Queen lead the last category.

Next, Spotify lists the world’s choice podcasts in “The Top Podcasts of 2020,” “Stories of Resilience,” and “Finding Moments of Joy,” which focus on topics spanning from politics to comedy. Similarly, Wrapped provides a breakdown of the most popular songs by genre in “The Best of 2020.” 

Another section called, “A Look Back at 2020,” includes a variety of playlists, mixing music and podcasts, to demonstrate how 2020 was marked by different trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Spotify declared that work-from-home and nostalgia-themed playlists, as well as  health and wellness podcasts, skyrocketed in popularity, while the number of people streaming from home or from gaming consoles likewise increased dramatically.

In response to Spotify’s release of 2020 Wrapped, many Spotify users took to Twitter. Some lamented how their results were too embarrassing to post, and others joked about the overwhelmingly gloomy nature of their music, claiming this reflected the catastrophic year. Most of the top tweets were reiterations of these sentiments with adapted memes, revealing that many Spotify users empathized with those statements.

Despite these seemingly negative insights into their listening habits, Spotify users did not miss the opportunity to clown Apple Music users for missing out on the Wrapped experience. Fervent fans boasted that they were in the top 0.5%, 0.05%, 0.01%, and even 0.001% of listeners for artists including Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd.

To access your own Spotify 2020 Wrapped, search “2020 Wrapped” on the mobile app.

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