Spotlight on MHS Marching Band

by Emily Lu ’25

Source: Sarah Moss Kendall

Published 10 Nov. 2022

With over 100 students, the Montgomery High School Marching Band is one of the most popular clubs in our school. Their dedication to this program starts in August, when members attend a summer band camp to help prepare them for marching in formations during the football games. In an interview conducted, many people said that band camp was long hours of grueling marching practice out in the summer sun but was worth it for the new friends and the fun activities. 

This dedication continues well into the school year, with practices every other school day from 3:30 to 6:30. Every Friday, the marching band also has to attend football games that last until 10. This kind of time taken out of their day can take a toll on their studying, especially as high school students. Arnav Talupur (‘23), an officer, says “Freshman year was a struggle since I was getting used to the workload and the schedule. However, many students said that time management was only a real problem in the beginning; it gets better as you learn how to work around your busy schedule. ” 

Along with time management, marching band also helps cultivate another important skill: teamwork. Mikhaela Freitor (‘23), the drum major said that “No single individual has the power to make the show, though they do have the power to break it, so it teaches us to rely on each other and trust each other and ourselves,” which emphasizes the importance of community and teamwork. This strong bond extends off the field and into close bonds.

One of the best parts of many students’ marching band experience is “meeting new people and making new friendships” (Cara Pretto, ‘23). Other notable favorites included festivals, seeing other marching bands, and achievements. Wherever it is, the Montgomery marching band always demands attention and impresses the audience with their music, formations, and contagious enthusiasm.

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