Stepping On the Gas: Pierre Gasly is F1’s Driver of the Year

by Tom Athron ’21

Source: Republic World

Published Nov. 11th, 2020

In the world of Formula One, there is only so much a driver can do behind the wheel of a poor car and success is often impossible.

That is, unless your name is Pierre Gasly.

Even in a 2020 F1 season full of standout races and drivers, Pierre Gasly’s story is easily one of the highlights of the season.

After being demoted from the Red Bull Racing team halfway through the 2019 campaign, few expected much from the young Frenchman. Not many would have expected the Frenchman to have the incredible resurgence he’s had at the Red Bull “sister team,” AlphaTauri.

Gasly was dropped from his team, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, halfway through the 2019 season due to poor performance. He was then demoted to Scuderia AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s de-facto B-team, named Scuderia Toro Rosso at the time.

Things worsened for Pierre when his close friend and compatriot Anthoine Hubert was tragically killed in an accident during the F2 feature race in Belgium prior to that week’s F1 race.

Spurred on by a desire to honor his deceased friend, Gasly finished 9th, driving one of the most standout performances of that year’s Belgian Grand Prix. His race prompted many F1 fans and analysts to praise him for finishing so well in a car expected to finish well out of point-scoring positions.

This kickstarted a blazing run of performances that culminated in an incredible podium finish at the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.

Gasly continued his incredible form into the 2020 season, scoring points at the first race of the season in Austria. Continuing to outperform his car at every opportunity, he has been widely considered one of the drivers of the season.

Then came the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, exactly one year after Hubert’s tragic passing at the same track.

Determined to honor Anthoine, Gasly finished brilliantly in 8th, one place better than his 2019 result.

Wearing a special tribute helmet to his lost friend, Pierre dedicated his race result to Anthoine.

One week later was the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

After one of the most chaotic races in the past few years, Gasly ended up winning in a dramatic finish. It was AlphaTauri’s second ever win, and only their fourth ever podium finish.

It was Gasly’s first win in Formula One, and the first win by a French driver in 24 years.

Gasly’s run of incredible form shows no signs of stopping as he keeps delivering outstanding results for an AlphaTauri team that clearly values him much more than the main Red Bull team did.

With the team’s recent confirmation that Pierre will drive for AlphaTauri next season, many fans now eagerly await the next chapter in Pierre Gasly’s incredibly dramatic saga.

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