Student in the Spotlight: Bobby Marie Battle

by Ashira Kolupoti ‘24

Source: Mariella Castaneda ’24

Published Mar. 10th, 2022

MHS Senior Bobby Marie Battle is driven to make change in her community from her own personal experiences. 

Since moving to Montgomery at just 1 ½ years old, Bobby Marie Battle has “[been] able to learn a lot about accountability teamwork.” Bobby is incredibly involved in her community. She is the Co-founder and Co-President of our school’s Black Student Union. Bobby helps explore race-relation topics in Black Student Union. She’s driven to help ensure that “younger Black students who come after me understand their power.” by her own experiences growing up Black in Montgomery, a primarily White and Asian school District. Growing up Black in a community where not many others looked like her has been her greatest challenge and shaped her as a person. 

Bobby is proudest of her “willingness to protect the Black community and work towards equality/equity at the scale in which it is possible within our community.” She continues to work towards equality/equity through Monty4Justice, a non-profit social justice organization run by our district’s students and alumni. She helped set up a Monty4Justice program in LMS and continues to help lead the program at UMS. She’s also met with the school administrations in our district to “ensure that change was made.”

She recalls that her greatest experience was speaking at a Black Lives Matter protest during the peak revival of the movement. Bobby calls this “a full circle moment” for her as she struggled with internalized racism through her childhood. By speaking at the protest she says she was “not only was I able to find strength in who I am, but I had the courage to share that strength with others.”

Graduating from Montgomery High School this year, she plans to pursue a degree in Education reform at a four year university or college. The need for education reform in our country is a cause she is passionate about. She believes innovation in our education system is needed as it is “truly becoming antiquated.” Bobby says she hopes that “with a deeper understanding of education’s role in society, I will have the ability to drive innovation in education.” 

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