Student Opinions on School Lunch

by Ella Sun ’26

Source: Ella Sun ’26

Published Nov. 5, 2022

One of the first things you see when walking into Montgomery High School is the Commons. Here, the students of our high school study, talk, and most importantly: enjoy lunch. 

After a month of school, buying lunch has become customary to most students that don’t bring their own meals. However, many students often complain about the wait time and quality of food that is served.

Although there are different foods to choose from, including refreshments and snacks, the lunches themselves usually lack in flavor and consistency with the other items they are served with. “I’ve kind of always been bringing lunch, and I prefer it since it allows me more flexibility in what I want,” said Mira Sridhar ’26. “I’m also a pescatarian and am allergic to nuts, so there weren’t always many options.”

Angela Liu, a freshman, also mentioned how “the taste is definitely better than the food [served in previous years],” but how there’s still “not much variety”.

Another complaint with the school lunch is the cost. “I just think that for [what] they’re serving, it costs way too much,” said Kyle Smith ’25.

To put things into perspective, Maschio’s Food Service webpage says that a student lunch costs $4.25. To buy other things like snacks or beverages, it could mean an additional $0.75-$2.75. 

Moreover, time has also been an issue for many students, with many people finding the lines to be too long and the designated 45 minutes for lunch to be not enough to fully enjoy one’s meal.

With the entirety of Montgomery High School having lunch at the same time, it means there are over 1000 students crowding the cafeteria and Commons. The teachers also regulate the amount of students who can enter the kitchen at once, causing the wait to be even longer. “[The wait is] way too long. [They should] change the lunch line system so everyone isn’t [crowded against] each other,” said Angela Liu ’26.

Overall, though there have definitely been improvements from previous years, Montgomery High School can still do much better with the lunch, whether it is the taste, variety, cost, or wait time. Hopefully, the school will continue to make efforts to improve the quality of its food so that students can have a more enjoyable experience during lunch.

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