The Athletic Dominance of Tom Brady and LeBron James

by Prineet Parhar ‘23

Source: ClutchPoints

Published Feb. 21st, 2021

In contact sports such as football and basketball, staying good for more than 15 years is almost impossible. Yet, Tom Brady and LeBron James have done just that, proving that there is a formula to beating impossible odds.

Tom Brady and Lebron James have been top athletes in their respective sports for more than a decade, incredible athletic accomplishments and stunning performances. Brady, the oldest active player in the NFL, and James, the fifth oldest player in the NBA, are both breaking longevity records. Despite the difference in their sports, both follow similar lifestyles that lead to such total domination. 

The reason why Brady and James stay so fit is based on the technological advancements in health and science through the years, as well as the amount of dedication they put into training and maintaining their bodies. 

Although many personal trainers are aware of workout information gathered from years of testing, it helps to have the best of the best at your disposal. That’s why both Brady and James spend over $1,000,000 on their bodies to get in prime playing shape. James even hired a former NAVY Seal to work through his various injuries.

Prior to this hiring, James was dealing with various disc issues in his back, and it seemed like these injuries would derail his career as it had done to so many other NBA greats. However, with plenty of hard work, and his new NAVY Seal trainer at his side, he was able to put these issues behind him and continue to play at a high level, winning two more NBA championships since that time. 

Brady approaches his training differently. Like James, he follows a very strict diet, drinks a lot of water, and goes to bed early. However, he stays away from alcoholic beverages and lifting weights, focusing instead on hip flexibility. Small aspects of discipline in his lifestyle help him achieve the athletic performance he desires in the long run.

After last season’s underwhelming performance, many were quick to call Tom Brady “washed up.” They asserted that his success had to do with the genius of head coach Bill Belichick. Tom Brady heard the doubters, went to a 7-9 team in Tampa Bay, and won a Super Bowl. Tom Brady’s lifestyle changed the fortunes of an entire NFL franchise. 

Brady and James, two of the greatest athletes ever, share many commonalities in their dedication and preparation, which make them so great. Their dominance has nothing to do with their situation and everything to do with their work ethic, discipline, and continued love of the game. 

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