The Demise of the Mulan Live Action Movie

by Neeharika Beru ‘22

Source: ABC

Published Oct. 5th, 2020

You might have heard of Disney’s new Mulan movie. On September 4, 2020, Disney’s Mulan Live Action movie was released on Disney+. However, even before this movie was released, Disney faced a huge problem with thousands of activists joining the #BoycottMulan campaign over human rights.

A major problem resides in where the movie was filmed. Although the majority of this movie was filmed in New Zealand, in order to accurately depict the terrain and scenery of this movie, the producers filmed in several areas in China itself, one being the Xinjiang province. This was proved in the closing credits where the producers thank the Chinese officials for allowing Disney to film in Xinjiang. 

According to the article Mulan: Sen Josh Hawley Condemns Disney for Thanking Chinese Group Tied to Concentration Camps, the government has been accused of violating human rights by hosting several concentration camps in the Xinjiang region. Here, around two million people, mainly Muslim Uighurs, are being detained by the Chinese government and re-educated and brainwashed against their will. Various witnesses have also admitted that people are being beaten, raped, forced to violate their diet of halal foods, and perform slave labor (Lincoln). When the producers and the cast left the airport, it was confirmed that they drove past a region where they could see the camps.

Even now, the world wants to know whether or not Disney will donate any profits from the live-action movie to organizations who fight for human rights, and if Disney will support or oppose the Chinese government.

Additionally, about a year ago when the lead actor Liu Yifei, a Chinese-American, announced that she supported Hong Kong Police, it sparked a boycott movement since the Hong Kong Police were seen using excessive force against peaceful protesters (Park). This was later resolved but still made the world hesitant of this movie.

These prime factors, as well as several smaller issues within the movie, all contributed to the value of the movie depreciating. Thousands of people are still protesting against this movie by not watching it so that Disney will not profit from it while others are speaking out on the issues the world needs to address.

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