The Global Reaction to Joe Biden’s Historic Election Victory

by Ashton Basak ’23

Source: National Review

Published Dec. 22nd, 2020

Election Day in America—or, rather, election week—started on November 3rd and marked the beginning of the end for all the anticipation leading up to this historical and consequential election amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

After four long and suspenseful days of key battleground states counting their votes and keeping the world on edge, the media released their projections: Democratic candidate Joe Biden will be deemed President-Elect when the Electoral College meets in December to decide the next President of the United States. The American people had spoken in practically a referendum of Donald Trump’s presidency.

With an immense role in international dynamics, the United States and its election for President ultimately affects the global atmosphere through trade, alliances, and other issues related to foreign relations. Leaders from all over the world have spoken on the U.S. election while showing a profound respect for American democracy.

To begin, America’s closest friends in Europe have shown excitement and optimism for a new presidential administration in the United States that is ready to fight global challenges. The French President, who has been highly critical of the Trump Administration, offered his congratulations for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and stated that “the Americans have chosen their President.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also released a statement of congratulatory remarks for the President-elect and emphasized happiness for Kamala Harris, who is going to become the first female Vice President in American history. Merkel stated that she is “looking forward to working with President Biden” and is ready to “tackle the biggest challenges of our time.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, representing the United Kingdom, has also expressed the importance of Kamala Harris’s “historic achievement” of becoming the first woman, first South Asian, and first African American to become vice president. In his official statement, Prime Minister Johnson called America the “most important ally” to the United Kingdom and called for a closer relationship with Biden in order to work closely on their shared priorities, from “climate change to trade and security.” The leaders from America’s closest allies in Europe have shown nothing but support and hope for Biden’s presidency, revealing the strength of the transatlantic relationship between America and Europe.

President-elect Joe Biden has also received incredulous support from places where American perspectives are not always viewed as favorable. Chinese Foreign Minister spokesperson Wang Webin said that China  “respects the American people’s choice and extends congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris.” China and the rest of the world are now looking to the Biden campaign’s plans regarding relations with China, which intensified during the Trump presidency due to a trade war.

Additionally, Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi, who has received criticism from American politicians about his violations of human rights, also offered warm remarks to the Biden campaign and emphasized Kamala Harris’s victory as the first African-American and South-Asian vice president.

The amount of global support Biden and Harris have received since their historic election victory has been unprecedented and signifies a new era in American foreign relations and international cooperation.

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