The Hypocrisy of America’s Supposed Savior

by Lauren Tortolani ‘24

Source: Forbes

Published Apr. 8th, 2022

On January 21st, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives gave approval to Joe Biden’s 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 stimulus relief bill. The bill included payments to many Americans struggling with the COVID-19 crisis, as well as aiding vaccine distribution and local and state level governments. What seemed to be a helping hand quickly disintegrated into the coming year. 

Joe Biden’s government spending has been masqueraded as an economically friendly olive branch to those less wealthy, who struggled economically through the pandemic. The reality is that this “American Rescue Plan” is the opposite of its name. This vast government spending, to the dismay of the democratic party, has caused skyrocketing inflation.

Gas prices, the price of used cars, everyday groceries, and even airline fares have skyrocketed. Not only does this add a bruise on the wealthy members of American society, but knocks the less fortunate off their feet. The very people that Joe Biden swore to “rescue” from the pandemic, have been given the cold shoulder by Biden’s economy. 

Annual inflation has risen over 7.5% in the past year, meaning the purchase of necessities can be detrimental. Prices at gas stations have soared 50% in the past year, making the drive to work cost more than the income of one’s job itself. For white collar workers who can work at home, this is nothing but a damper on one’s work day. However, for those who work blue collar jobs, quitting is a better option than driving to work every day.

BCI Solutions, a small manufacturing company for metal, saw 14 workers quit in two weeks. These workers didn’t quit because they disliked their jobs – they quit because they simply could not afford to drive with the rising gas prices. On the other hand, many Americans are cutting grocery trips, dinners, and many necessities they need to provide for their families.

But, alas, Joe Biden offers a solution. Or, another blind eye. Biden reels that electric cars are the future – can’t pay gas prices? Buy an electric car! However, electric cars are once more a luxury of the privileged. Some electric car prices rise above $100,000. This isn’t the only inconvenience – only 11% of adults have charging ports for electric cars at home. This access is more prominent amongst higher income homes. Without charging ports or even the money for electric cars, those hit hardest by Biden’s inflation will go without saving, and will only gain a constant reminder of the precedence of the rich over the poor. 

Biden promised to save the less fortunate from the economic crisis of COVID-19, but instead a hypocritical grave was dug for the lower class. The savior complex of the rich and fortunate in office have kicked the less fortunate into the ground, only offering solutions pertaining to those wealthy and able. Excuses will continue to be made by America’s president, and it’s too late for him to realize what he has done.

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