The Ignored Sides of Asian Hate Crimes.

by Nina A. Soni

Published Feb. 10, 2022

Stop Asian Hate is a group that fights against racism and the killing and hurting of Asians. However when we see and think of Asian hate, which Asians do we think of? You probably thought of Eastern Asians such as Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, etc…

While Eastern Asians are the group we hear about the most, there are clearly some ignored sides of Asian Hate crimes.

Society brands Western Asians as “brown” and its “brown” community includes people from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran, Pakistan, and more. On social media everywhere we see Western Asians identified as brown, so much so that they have started calling themselves this too. As Western Asians, they don’t feel that they fit in the “Asian” group and sometimes it’s easy to see how people forget they are even Asian.

This leads into another problem, awareness for this minority. There are unfortunately a lot of stories of Western Asian Hate crimes that we never hear about. These targeted attacks that happen so often and are so relevant in today’s time haven’t been brought out to the world.

The unfortunate FedEx shooting that happened on April 15th, 2021 resulted in eight deaths; four of them were Sikhs. These people were grandparents, mothers, fathers, and people’s children.

On the night of March 17th, a Pakistani-American had acid thrown in her face; she said it felt like death.

Going back to 1987 when the Indian population had increased in New Jersey, a hate group was made called the “Dot busters’. Indian-American Navroze Mody was killed by this hate group.

Bringing the spotlight on Western Asians and speaking out about the awareness would help these people tremendously. We didn’t get to hear about the stories of these people and the lives they lived. The media and news need to bring awareness to this just as much as the people.

Living in the 21st century one of our main resources is Google, which gets information from news and data. When you search up Asian Hate on Google you will see various images and stories about Eastern Asian hate crimes.

Anika Akkinepally, a Western Asian expressed how she felt about the issue. “It’s exhausting that our titles as Western Asians are constantly not identifying what and who we actually are.” She also talked about the lack of awareness Western Asians get compared to other groups. “We deserve to be heard especially when there is so much going on with us”

While this might not seem like a problem to some people it is a huge part of identity in the Western part of Asia. Western Asians have been out of the spotlight for a long time. Stop Asian Hate was a powerful and popular movement that helped raise awareness and bring tons of Asians justice and gave them the identity they had been fighting for.

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