The Perfect Outfit

by Sreeja Gangula ‘25

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Published Jan. 10th, 2022

Picking the perfect outfit for a perfect night isn’t something that can be done without some consideration to what you want to wear. This article is just the thing that could of help to people trying to pick out their outfits for prom

There are a wide variety of types of prom dresses and outfits to choose from and a lot of variables to think about. Some of which include length, style, comfort, practicality, expense, and personal preference.

The lengths of dresses in the world of prom are split into 3 categories instead of the 2 old fashioned ones. These are mini, the shortest option, midi, which sits around your knee area, and maxi, a full length dress. 

Practicality is something to consider when shopping. If the length of your dress, or really any aspect of it, hinders your ability to move around and your experience at the party, it’s best to look for a different option. 

Styles in prom outfits are uncountable. In dresses, just to name some, there are ball gowns, two piece sets, cutouts, casual dresses and many more. For suits, there are different colors, ties, adn styles which vary between each piece of the suit. 

When it comes to the style of the dress, something that fits you well and is comfortable is the best option. There are so many options to choose from, but when you go out shopping, having one in mind could make the experience a little less stressful.

Expense is a variable which should be deeply considered. These dresses aren’t very cheap, and as the styles and designs get more extravagant, the price skyrockets. 

Looking for rental dresses can sometimes be a helpful option because it is a one night experience, and if you buy something which would sit in your closet unworn for the rest of your life, it’s not worth it. 

Through a google form, Catherine, a senior, gave some helpful tips about prom dresses, but one of the most important things she said was in response to the question I asked about what the ‘ideal’ prom outfit would be, and she answered, “Something that makes you feel proud of how you look.” 

At the end of the day, whatever dress, suit, or any sort of outfit you choose, it’s the memory that counts. That night celebrates the end of your highschool life and commemorates all of the hard work you put in for 4 years worth of very stressful highschool. You should be proud of yourself, and your outfit for that night should reflect that as well. 

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