Welcome to MHS Mr. Chesbro!

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

Source: Robert Chesbro

Published Oct. 8th, 2022

Previously a teacher at Montgomery Upper Middle School, Mr. Chesbro is a name familiar to many.

For the 22-23 school year, he’s come up to the high school to teach IPELS CP. Countless students, whether they’ve had him or not, remember him as both the teacher with a parrot (spoiler: he has two), and the teacher with a fun, outgoing personality. He’s been teaching since 1997, and returning to his alma mater as a teacher would, as he describes, make some of his former teachers his current colleagues.

As for his students and the new course that he’s teaching, he explains, “Being in a building with 500 former students is worth gold. I love the chance to catch up and see how they are! As for the course, I am teaching content closer in scope to my college major and it’s great to reinhabit those ideas again.”

We are all excited to welcome a familiar face into the high school building this year!

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