Welcome to MHS Ms. Murphy!

by Chloe Sun ’24

Published Oct. 26th, 2022

When you make your way to the good old math hallway this school year, be ready to encounter some new faces standing in front of the open classroom doors. Along with its returning students and staff, MHS also celebrates the arrival of many new teachers, several of whom have been welcomed into the math department. 

One of these math teachers is Ms. Murphy, who will be teaching Algebra II CP and Honors this year. Prior to taking on this job, Ms. Murphy taught middle school for two years but had always wanted to try teaching at a high school level, which brought her to MHS.

“I have always heard great things about Montgomery School District, but it wasn’t until I went to my interview that I knew I was in the right place.” Ms. Murphy recalls. “Montgomery offers endless opportunities to their students and staff, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to experience all they have to offer!” 

An aspiring teacher since youth, Ms. Murphy discovered her love for math thanks to a high school Calculus class that showed her math did not need to be difficult. “Yes, math may not come easy to everyone,” she acknowledges, “but I am determined to make math enjoyable to everyone in some small or big way.”

When asked to describe her teaching style in one word, Ms. Murphy responded with “energetic”. She takes pride in being a positive, enjoyable teacher who the students can trust and learn from. “I don’t judge my students for the mistakes they make in my class,” she asserts. “I want them to know that my classroom is an open and inviting space.”

This school year especially, Ms. Murphy aims to teach a memorable class. She states enthusiastically that “Whether it is the feeling of our class when you’re sitting in it, the stories I hear about [the students’] lives, and even the formulas they come around to love, I hope they have a good time!” 

Ms. Murphy’s vibrant energy is not confined to the classroom; currently, she enjoys her role as assistant coach of the cheerleading squad, which has been “busy and exciting!” She also shared that she has skydived, visited Australia, and looks forward to winter, her favorite season.

Overall, this lively interview was a joy to record. Particularly, I would like to echo Ms. Murphy’s sentiment about how “tight-knit the community and staff are” in Montgomery, appreciating the support she has experienced in MHS. Hopefully, we as a school can work together to maintain this encouraging atmosphere, greeting those new to the campus, such as Ms. Murphy, with warm reception.

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