Welcoming Our New Phys-Ed Teacher: Ms. Rana

by Margaret Wang ’25

Source: Sejal Rana

Published Oct. 7th, 2022

Montgomery High School has always been an extremely prestigious and diverse school. Despite the size of our small town, its reputation still manages to echo across the state, and especially so to our new Physical Education instructor, Ms. Rana.

Though our courses can sometimes be challenging to students, be it externally or mentally, it never fails to fuel one’s determination to excel in their passions. Our community has prioritized its younger population for countless years, and the various events, fundraisers, and holidays that our administration holds reflect such a morale.

Rana, in response to why she chose this school district, says, “…this school values the students and puts them first…I felt respected and appreciated by the administration as well as my colleagues.”

The warm welcomes that have been generously given to new staff members only serve as a reminder of how dedicated the current teachers are to fostering a healthy work environment, and such kindness has been deeply felt on Rana’s end. Given the size of MHS, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the various cultures that surround us, even if there will often be those of similar background and heritage. Nevertheless, Rana continues to “…look forward to seeing how [she] will fit in and compliment [her] department as well as the school as a whole.” 

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