Wild Week 18 Marks the Finale of a Memorable NFL Regular Season

by Ayushi Jani ’25

Source: AP

Published Feb. 10th, 2022

In Week 18 of the NFL, fans were on the edge of their seats watching their favorite teams play. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Denver Broncos 28-24, but fans were surprised at how close the game was given the prior dominance of the Chiefs. The Jaguars shocked the NFL world with a 28-11 beatdown of the Colts, knocking Indy out of the playoff race in the process.The loss will undoubtedly raise questions about QB Carson Wentz’ longevity with the franchise, as he failed to carry his team in critical situations

Other teams missing the playoffs include the Saints and Ravens, both of which will look to improve upon injury-ridden 2021-22 campaigns.

Some records were also broken in the last week of the season. Tom Brady finished with 485 completions in a season,  surpassing Drew Brees’ 471. Rob Gronkowski’s became the tight end with the most 100+ yards games after playing his 32nd game with 100+ receiving yards. Cooper Kupp led the league in receptions, yards, and touchdowns, becoming the first receiver to win all three categories since 2005.

In the early playoff action, the Packers took a horrible loss to the 49ers, in a game that could be Aaron Rodgers’ final start for the organization, while the Buccaneers came up just short against the Rams, leading to the eventual retirement of legendary QB Tom Brady.

Week 18 kicked off the NFL’s usual postseason coaching carousel, beginning with the Dolphins decision to part ways with head coach Brian Flores after an 8-9 season. The Vikings followed by clearing house at both Head Coach and GM, letting Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman go. After their season ended in massive disappointment, the Giants fired Head Coach Joe Judge, and will also pursue a new GM in the coming weeks. Untilately, Week 18 marked a wild end to a memorable regular season simultaneously kicking off an offseason with the potential to change the outlook for numerous franchises.

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